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What do people say about us?

“The school is amazing…it’s the best school I’ve ever been to…it just meets my need”

“I get to learn about all the things I want to learn about”

“The staff are perfect. There is not one single staff member I don’t like. In all my other schools I hated like 99.9% of all staff so it’s weird that I like them all so much there”. 

Year 9 pupil, February 2024


"Mainstream education simply wasn't the right match for me. As a young child with an EHCP, I never realised how much I would benefit from having dedicated SEMH teachers to provide me with a tailored approach that truly understood me. They not only supported my academic growth, but also assisted me to appreciate and learn from my past. Their unwavering belief in me encouraged me to aim higher, and I have carried this with me to shape the person I am today"

"Children are not inherently misbehaved, and they don’t have to be defined by their surroundings"

Former student


“I know that staff at Brunel care about me, other schools that I have been to did not care about me”

Year 10 pupil, November 2019


“I am going to miss Brunel when I leave, it's so much better than other schools I have been to, the staff really care about me.”

Year 11 pupil, March 2021


“The Brunel Academy is like one big family”

Ex-pupil, July 2020


"I love this academy because you LISTEN to me and you LISTEN to my child"

Mother of a yr9 student during an EHCP meeting


"I really enjoyed my time at Brunel Academy. The team were so welcoming and I loved working with them.  If they ever need some help and I haven’t been placed anywhere, I’d be more than happy to go back there." 

NW - Agency Staff, Oct 2019


"I thought all the staff were amazing.  The atmosphere is nurturing.  I felt there was a real team presence and everyone was willing to help each other.  I was impressed with the environments I was in and the opportunities the academy present for the young people"

LM - Agency Staff, Nov 2019


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at the academy.  I have learnt so much and will take so much away with me.  I also want the staff to know what an amazing team they are and how well they all work together as a unit.  I hope that when I finally find my forever job it will be at a school where the team works as well together as you all do at Brunel."

CB - Agency Staff, Sept 2019


"I have been absolutely “blown away” by my placement at Brunel.  The staff team are brilliant and the amazing relationships that they have built with the students is obvious. I have worked on many placements but this has been my favourite by far!"

TP - Agency Staff, Jan 2020


'A great day at Brunel. Some fantastic youngsters and the team is amazing!'

CB - Agency Staff, July 2020


“The safeguarding mapping exercise completed by Brunel is a fantastic piece of work, that will be used by multi agencies to support a strategic vision to help make Torbay a safer place” 

B Mason (Exploitation Team Manager TESS), February 2021


“On behalf of all at Mariners we feel very privileged to support yourselves (Brunel) with the donation of furniture and hopefully exciting adventures in the future when things will return to normal. We look forward to seeing how we can move forward with Brunel Academy in supporting the community and wellbeing of our people” 

S Brooks (Mariners Restaurant), February 2021